Feniex - Typhoon Full Feature Siren

Feniex - Typhoon Full Feature Siren

Product Description

Typhoon® Full-Function

The Typhoon Full-Function integrated siren/controller features a 7 position rotary dial for quick tone changes, 6 programmable outputs and includes a microphone.

Product Notes

21 tones (same as the storm)
100W siren
Integrated relay in siren
6 programmable momentary or on/off buttons (outputs/lights)
Integrated 2 output wigwag capability
Buttons programmable for on/off or momentary
7 position rotary dial for siren tones
Horn ring, park kill, Radio rebroadcast capabilities
2yr warranty


6 programmable buttons
6 3.5 Amp Outputs
21 siren tones, horn ring, park kill, radio rebroadcast, wig-wag, momentary & on/off buttons

SAE J1849, SAE J1113/11
Universal Compatibility
FF Dimensions: 2.42"H x 5.77"L x 1.8"W
Relay/Siren Dimensions: 2.53"H x 4.84"L x 7.4"W

2 year warranty Factory Direct

Max Current Output = 20A
Input Voltage= 12VDC

Over Temp. Protection = yes
Short Circuit Protection = yes

FF: included dash mount bracket